A pledge is a promise to donate money to the church.

Pledging to support the ministry of our church is a spiritual statement about your values, your priorities and your vision for our world. On a practical level, when members and friends of the church pledge their financial support for the upcoming calendar year, the church can make realistic spending plans regarding the staffing, programs and operating expenses that allow us to pursue our vision.

First Unitarian’s Stewardship Journey:

Our church was built in 1891 on the corner of what is now 14th and Castro streets. The members designed the building to be made from local, California materials and from artists in San Francisco who designed many of the stained glass windows. There have been events great and small here for more than 100 years. Members and friends and those who may have visited for a short time have been transformed within these walls. And First Unitarian Church of Oakland has been a beacon of liberal religious values within and beyond these walls standing for justice and freedom for all peoples.

Our Stewardship Journey:

Now it is our turn. . .who and what will we be for the next 100 years?

Time: We become transformed and we transform others when we give our time to our spiritual community. . .will you sing in the choir? Serve on one of our justice committees? Create worship? Weed the garden? Help with the potlucks? Our gift of time makes community possible.

Talent: We use our gifts and talents to help further our community. Do you have a special gift to share? Can you help with the auction? Can you volunteer in the office? Are you good with numbers? Could you serve on the welcoming committee? Would you like to explore a new talent and try something you have always wanted to try? Our talents make all facet of our church community possible.

Treasure: We need your financial gifts to be a viable & sustainable community. Our first members in 1891 used their resources to build a church home, made out of local resources, and purposely designed to last a lifetime. How will we care for our building? Will we retire the debt of our church home? Will we make the necessary repairs to keep it going? Will we adequately fund our paid staff to help us to reach our vision and fulfill our mission? Will we stand for and fund justice work outside our walls?

Each year in the fall, we conduct a Stewardship Campaign to pledge our support for the upcoming year. In addition, new members and friends of the church can pledge at any time using the forms and information below.

Here are three different ways to complete your pledge information this year.

Thank you to all who have already committed to donate at the 5% level. For those of you who are still striving to reach the 5% goal, please consider increasing your pledge by at least 10% more than last year.

And for those of you who have reached — or surpassed — the 5% level, it would truly be a gift if you would consider increasing your pledge this year by 5-10% over last year’s contribution. With an overall increase of 10% to our operating income, we could significantly strengthen our ability to fulfill our vision.

Our vision is to spread our good news to a larger and more diverse population, to boldly embody the beloved community as a multiracial, multicultural, multigenerational congregation. We are planning and creating new education ministries and programs to better serve our intergenerational learning community. We want to pay our able and devoted staff a fair wage. We aspire to increase the amount we pay toward our UUA and PCD Fair Share membership dues. And we seek to make a real difference in the community outside our walls.

Please pledge as generously as you can. Pledge not till it hurts … but till it feels good. Pledge an amount that makes you proud.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Pledging

eScrip Sign-up

You can also assist the church financially by signing up for E-scrip. After you sign-up, every time you shop at Whole Foods or swipe your Safeway Club Card, a percentage of your purchase is donated to First Unitarian!  This is a free, effortless way to raise money for our church through participating merchants you already shop at. Learn more about eScrip.

To sign-up, click on the banner below, then follow the steps shown. Our group name is ‘First Unitarian Church of Oakland’, or you can enter our Group ID: 136926162.

E-scrip Signup Banner

If you have previously signed-up for eScrip, you can update your account, to add or edit your merchant card information. Otherwise, you will need to sign-up for a new eScrip account.