In this day and age, even churches like First Unitarian Oakland that place high value on personal relationships depend on information systems to help build community and connect congregants to our mission. The Operations Team, with Rev. Theresa Soto, has appointed a Software Transition Team to implement a solution for Community Connections, Stewardship, and Finance Teams to better manage the data entrusted by congregants to their care. See the project scope for detailed information about the work. The team will consult key stakeholders and urges anyone interested in this project, or working on related efforts, to please email

Software Transition Team members:

  • Jane Voytek, project manager
  • Bill Blakely
  • Clark Sanford
  • Noemi de Guzman
    Software Transition Team
    The Software Transition Team receives its charge from Operations Team members Jodie Mathies and Claudia Morgan.