At our Sunday, September 16th, 2018 worship service, the Ministerial Search Committee and Congregation of First Unitarian Church of Oakland entered into this covenant.

Committee:  A ministerial search is like shared ministry.
Congregation:  We are your partners in this work.

Committee:  We covenant to bring our best efforts and our best selves to the search for our next minister.
Congregation:  We chose you because we believe you can do this important work.

Committee:  We promise to work hard for you.
Congregation: We promise to help you in your work, to attend a cottage conversation, to participate in a congregational survey, to respond to requests for help from committee members, and to engage during next spring’s candidating week.

Committee:  We promise to uphold our UU principles as we conduct this search.
Congregation:  We call on you to use these spiritual tools to find a minister who will inspire us to grow.

Committee:  We will make all important decisions as a team.
Congregation:  Collaboration is an important value in this congregation, and we trust you to convey that to our next minister by your actions and words.

Committee:  We will faithfully convey the congregation’s hopes for a new minister as we seek a candidate.
Congregation: We trust you to speak for us with applicants to find a good fit for us.

Committee:  We may have to take a break from our other church responsibilities this year.
Congregation:  We promise to make space for your work and to welcome you back when you are able to resume other parts of your church life.

Committee:  We promise to tell the truth and speak what is in our hearts.
Congregation:  We encourage you to seek out the divine spark in yourselves and the applicants.

Committee:  We covenant to be as transparent with you as our responsibilities allow us to be.
Congregation:  We trust you to conduct confidential deliberations on our behalf, even if that is uncomfortable for us.

Committee:  We expect to find a candidate to recommend to you. If we don’t, it will be because we could not find a good fit for our church’s needs.
Congregation:  We hope that the search will bear rich fruit.  We promise that we will still love you if it doesn’t.

Committee:  We are aware of the great responsibility you have given us and we are grateful for your confidence in us.
Congregation:  We bless you as you go about this work for all of us.

ALL:  Mindful of the cloud of witnesses past, present, and future, in whose name we undertake this work, we covenant with each other.