It’s an exciting time at First Unitarian church of Oakland.  We are in search for our next minister to begin serving us in the fall 2019.  Below are links to some information about our search:

♦  How we came to be in search.

♦  The members of the ministerial search committee and their roles.

♦  The search timeline.

♦  The current news on the search

♦  The search committee covenant with the congregation.

On Sunday, April 7th, the Ministerial Search Committee introduced our candidate, the Reverend Theresa Soto, to the congregation (Click here for photos!).  The next day, an electronic announcement went out to members, friends, allies and neighbors of the church.  You can read that introduction to Reverend Soto here.

Here is a biography of Reverend Theresa Soto.  Candidate week will be scheduled for April 27th through May 5th.  We now have the candidate week schedule available, so you can find an opportunity to meet Reverend Soto and get to know them before our May 5th congregational vote on whether to call Reverend Soto to be our next settled minister.