February 17, 2021 | Announcements & Events

Postcard Penpals!

Friends at First Unitarian, since we can’t be Secret Buddies this year, how about being Postcard Penpals instead? Here’s the plan: Sign up to receive the Postcard Penpal kit. It has 4 stamped postcards and the name & address of your Penpal. For 4 weeks, send out a postcard with something fun or hopeful or inspirational that you’ve seen, or done, or felt.

Signups continue through February 21, and we’ll mail out the kits on February 24. Send your first postcard out as soon as possible. Continue sending out postcards on the same day every week. We’ll host a Zoom gathering the week of April 4 for anyone who’s interested to “see” each other and talk about our experience with this program. Sign up here! Contact Nicole Fitzhugh, nicole@uuoakland.org, for further information.

UU East Bay (Not So Young) Adult Singles Group
Sunday, February 21, 4:00 to 5:00 PM

You are invited to participate in a newly forming UU East Bay (Not So Young) Adult Singles Group! The vision is to have monthly meetings and regular events (i.e., games, discuss a topic) online until it is safe to meet in person. Meet other singles in the East Bay who share similar values and who want to expand their social network. Follow this meeting link to join in. The meeting link is also available on the calendar of the UU Church in Livermore’s website, at UUCiL.org.

Whom would you like to see on the Board of Trustees? Would you like to serve?

One of the most vital ways one can live their values is by serving as a member of the Board of Trustees. If you would like to grow your leadership skills and share your talents, please consider running for the Board. New trustees will be elected on March 14 at our annual meeting. For more information, please reach out this week. We also welcome suggestions: Who would serve us well? Sincerely, Kris Wedding Crowell, Helen Duff, and Zia Swim (your nominating committee). Contact us at boardnomination@uuoakland.org. Interested nominees are invited to attend the board refresher on Saturday, February 20, 2:00 to 3:30 PM. Trustees will share information and building skills to be a fully empowered board connected to the congregation, carrying our vision forward. Please email office@uuoakland.org with your interest and for more information.

Starting Point: Introduction to First Unitarian Oakland
Wednesday, February 24, 7:30 to 8:30 PM

Starting Point is a Zoom-based introduction to the values, practices, and people of the congregation. We’ll be talking about Unitarian Universalism, the congregation itself, our beautiful mission, and the future we are building. Even if you are well acquainted with First Unitarian, please plan to attend if you would like to welcome folks interested in the congregation or to experience our new format so you can share what it is like. To receive an auto-reply with meeting details, email yesplease@uuoakland.org with the subject line STARTING POINT.

Dream Up: The Eighth Principle (Seven Plus One)
Thursday, February 25, 5:30 to 6:00 PM

Join us for a conversation about what the Eighth Principle is, why we need it, and what we can do to support the principle and its lived practice. E.N. Hill will join us in the conversation. To receive an auto-reply with meeting details, email yesplease@uuoakland.org with the subject line 8TH PRINCIPLE.

Gamaliel of CA Annual Meeting: Who is Genesis and what is TOU?
Saturday, February 27, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Many of you may recall that Genesis was one of the six organizations that we shared the plate with at our 150th Anniversary celebration. We have had an ongoing relationship with Genesis for over a decade. It was a natural next step for First Unitarian to become a dues-paying organizational member of Genesis under the guidance of our beloved Reverend Theresa Soto so that we could all benefit from the connections that this now formal relationship will provide for us including their opportunity to work together with other clergy of color in an organization led by people of diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

Join us for Gamaliel of CA’s first Annual Members Meeting! You’ll join a lively discussion with leaders from our five affiliates to share our vision, goals, and plans for building lasting values-driven people power in California. We will be presenting about Time of Use (TOU), PGE’s new mandatory rate plan and how it will affect you. Energy use is a justice issue.

Register to receive Zoom link: tinyurl.com//GoCAAnnualMeeting.

Lifespan Religious Education Workshop
Sunday, February 28, immediately following worship service

Please join interim director of religious education Alex Haider-Winnett and Rev. Theresa Soto for an hour-long conversation on the history and strength of our religious education (RE) program. This will be the second of three workshops to consider where we want RE to go in the future of the church. Email yesplease@uuoakland.org with the subject line RE WORKSHOP for an auto-reply with Zoom details.

Help find next year’s Board nominees. Serve on the 2022 Nominating Committee!

The Nominating Committee is a group of three individuals who help recruit nominees for the Board of Trustees. At the Annual Meeting we not only elect new Trustees, we elect the next Nominating Committee. Do you like reaching out to members? The primary work of the committee will happen during January – March 2022.  If you are curious about serving the church in this short-term, gentle capacity, please reach out to this year’s committee: Kris, Helen and Zia at boardnomination@uuoakland.org.

Save the Date: Annual Meeting of the Congregation
Sunday, March 14, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Mark your calendars! The next annual congregational meeting of the First Unitarian Church of Oakland will be held via Zoom on Sunday, March 14, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. We’ll start with a 20-minute devotional led by Rev. Theresa Soto, then move into a discussion of the life and business of our church. Among other items, we will be voting in new board members to fill five(!) upcoming vacancies. If you’ve ever considered joining our Board of Trustees or have questions about whether that might be the right role for you, please contact our Nominating Committee at boardnomination@uuoakland.org. See you all on March 14!