Guest Host for Tonight’s Christmas Chapel

Tie Resendiz will be our special guest host for tonight’s Christmas Chapel, which theme is “Bridget, Nicholas, and Cindy Lou.” Tie Resendiz de Perez is a UU storyteller from the Southwest. Her tellings are invitations for all ages to explore stories we know with a new sense of adventure and discover new tales that our hearts have always known. Join us for a trio of stories that turn some of our favorite Holiday Heroes on their heads and remind us there were quite a few people in that manger. Hope to see you there!

From December 11 through December 22, we will have short and sweet Christmas Chapels. A Christmas Chapel is an online gathering of 30 minutes or less, hosted by one of the ministries of the congregation. Check our Winter Holiday Celebrations calendar for the complete schedule. For information on how to join, send an email to with 12 DAYS in the subject line.