September 2, 2020 | Announcements & Events

Poetry Circle Resumes!
Sunday, September 6, 9:30 to 10:15 AM

Poetry Circle is returning from summer hiatus and will again meet on the first Sunday of each month. Join fellow poetry lovers for reading aloud favorite poems. Bring one you’ve written, a favorite, or just come to listen. The theme to start the year is “Water,” but bring anything you like. Contact Ron Weisberg for Zoom details.

Notice of Annual Meeting of the Congregation, September 20, 10:50 AM to 12:30 PM

The Board of Trustees is convening the Annual Meeting, rescheduled from March 15 due to the closure of the church. Watch this video preview and invitation from board president Rinda Bartley and secretary Dan Wright. This meeting will include:

  • An election of new members of the Board of Trustees and gratitude and farewell to outgoing members
  • A “State of the Church” address by Rev. Soto
  • An update on church programs and any personnel changes
  • A review of the adjusted/revised 2020 budget
  • An explanation of Year-Round Stewardship, a change from our traditional model
  • Joy in being together and renewing our commitment to our Mission, even as we worship, play, and work remotely

In order to vote at any business meeting of the church, one must be a member and must have made a pledge for the current church year. If you are uncertain whether you are eligible to vote, please email Jane Facente. Please plan to attend – we want to see you, we want to keep you informed, and we need a quorum in order to make our vote/decisions legal!

P.S. There are currently two open positions on the Board. If you would like to “try on” the board and fill a 6-month position, please contact Rinda Bartley.

Two New Resources from Children and Family Ministries

Presenting Food For Thought! As part of our Monday-Through-Sunday School, we are sharing Food For Thought. These are questions to spark conversations and reflection during meal times. Just print out this handy table tent and place it on your dinner table or near where you eat to have conversations that promote resilience and theological conversation. For questions, feedback, or suggestions on Food For Thought or religious education at UU Oakland, please contact Alex Haider-Winnett, our Interim Director of Religious Education.

Pep Talk! With the start of the school and church year, you may need a pep talk. Interim director of religious education Alex has a message for you. Check out his new YouTube channel for weekly pep talks and updates for church and your family’s spiritual growth. New episodes will be released on Mondays. This week, he asks how your summer was and what resources are you using to get through this challenging time!