September 11, 2020 | Announcements & Events

A Message from Rev. Theresa Soto for the New Program Year

As we begin a new year in Congregational life, we find that some of the usual markers of that passage are missing. In this uncharted way, we must mark our own path. Renewal during this time–of our strength, of our resolve, of our clarity of purpose–will be essential.
This will be the purpose of our practices going forward. What renews your spirit? Let me know, we can include more of that. I am rooting for us as a community. We will have to be inventive some of the time with our new experience, but we will stay together.
Once when teaching us a complicated new dance routine, my teacher Allison said, “Fascination up, frustration down.” We will have a lot to grieve in these times, so I’m not saying cheer up. But I’m saying one tool for going forward is our curiosity, our fascination.

Sending you so much love today,
Pastor Theresa

Drive-Up Water Celebration Canceled Due to Degraded Air Quality

Pastor Theresa and Stefan have included in Chalice Chatter a brief video about the cancellation of drive-up water celebration on the church patio. Because of the degraded air quality right now, it is neither safe to spend much time outside, nor a good idea to add to the air pollution by driving in it. We regret that this part of the ritual will not take place on Saturday. We are trusting that there will be many other opportunities to practice in community and celebrate together. For questions, email or call Pastor Theresa ( and 510-473-7686).

Use of the Church’s Name

Recently the Operations Team discussed and simplified the process for how Church programs can get approval to use the Church’s name for endorsements. The process is now described in the Church Executive Policies. Requests for use should be sent to the Operations Team ( and should state what the church is being asked to endorse and how the congregation will be informed about the use of the church’s name. The Operations Team will consider the proposal, including ascertaining compliance with board policy, and respond to the request within 48 hours. The response may be approval, a reason for rejection, or a request for further information to enable the Team to make a decision.