A Message from Pastor Theresa

Beloveds!  Stewardship Celebration Month is coming right up. Your board members and people with stewardship expertise have been meeting to share dreams and make plans.
I am looking for someone to serve alongside  the planning team and partner with me, by attending meetings, assisting with facilitation sometimes, and consistently tending to follow-up emails and phone calls.
If that seems like something you’d be interested in doing with me, please contact me directly at revsoto@uuoakland.org
If not, you will see that our intrepid treasurer, Hester Green, has listed below some other places your assistance would be helpful in moving forward. Please check there; maybe there’s a good match! #allin
Short on time and BIG on Love for our Church?
We’re calling YOU!
Join us this Sunday, Sept. 1 and learn how you can support our Stewardship Celebration 2020!, 12 PM- 1:30 PM, 3rd Floor.
We would love to benefit from your offerings of:
  • “Testimonials” e.g. “I’m all in…!”
  • Celebration Sunday luncheon assistance
  • Small group events assistance
  • Paperwork Wrangling
  • Data entry, if experienced in Excel

Large and small tasks for anyone regardless of schedule and time limitations!  Contact us: stewardship@uuoakland.org