Sat. July 6, Jason Ulibarri’s Memorial, 10:30 AM, Hamilton Hall.

Dear Members and Friends, The Memorial for long-time church member Jason Ulibarri will be on July 6 at 10:30 AM in Hamilton Hall. Pastoral Associates Dick Bailey, Corless Smith and Scott Magness are creating the service in collaboration with Jason’s brother, Jamison. Stefan Schneider is coordinating the music, including a drum circle. Carol Wood and Evelyn Sheridan are also helping.Many of Jason’s cousins live in the Bay Area and Sacramento. Jamison and his family, Jason’s mother and her husband will be traveling from Oregon. I hope many who knew Jason or experienced his presence at Church in some way will come to the Memorial to share your stories and honor his time with us. If you would like to help with hospitality or other aspects of the Memorial please be in touch with one of the Pastoral Associates or send an email to Please remember, when you need some support, Pastoral Associates are here for you. If you would like to connect with Pastoral Associates, please email them directyly. And, if there is something that occurs during church office hours (M-Th, 10 am-3pm) and you feel that it is urgent that the church know at once, then you can also email  and cc In faith and love, Reverend Mary Foran, Summer Chaplain, Affiliated Community Minister