Organ Rescue Succeeds!
After 7 months on the market, the Austin Pipe Organ has sold. The organ was built to fit the size, shape and acoustics of our building and served us for 60 years before being put into storage for safekeeping while we renovated and restored our building.

When our donated storage suddenly ended last November, Mary Foran, Steve Harris, Tom Haw, Glen Dahlbacka, and Eric Howe made an agreement with the Board of Trustees to find and fund a new storage facility and try to sell the organ.

Hupalo and Repasky Pipe Organs of San Leandro agreed to market the organ, which is well known in the world of organ lovers as a stellar instrument. On July 24, Mary Foran met the organ builder from Canandaigua, NY who will be restoring and installing the Austin Pipe Organ for a church in St Louis.

Thanks to Stefan, Frank, and Zach for their incredibly fast work moving the parts still stored at our church and to the Board of Trustees for allowing the rescue effort to unfold. Our goal was to find a new home so that the Austin Pipe Organ could be played, and its celebrated sound could once again fill a sacred space. The Organ Rescue Group’s work is complete! If you have any questions please be in touch with Mary,

Fri., Aug. 17, Memorial for Edward Tyler, 3 PM, Faithful Fools 234 Hyde St. San Francisco. Edward was a faithful member of our congregation for the past two years. He usually sat in the very back row on Sunday mornings. He attended Justice related meetings, appreciated coffee and conversation after worship and had the warmest smile. He was a longtime participant in the Faithful Fools who encouraged him to look us up when he moved to Oakland. Contributions in his memory may be made to the Faithful Fools. If you would like to join the group going to San Francisco for Edward’s Memorial please contact Rev. Mary Foran,

Wed., August 29, Crescendo Choir’s First Rehearsal of the New Church Year, 7:15-9:15 PM, Starr King Room. Thinking of joining the choir? If you like to sing, we would love to see you there! Rehearsals start August 29 and are held every Wed. evening through May. Questions? Contact Jean Evans,