Reaching Out In Love Beyond Our Walls

We send our healing love and compassion to all those impacted by the devastating fires that are still burning out of control in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa and surrounding areas.

Pastor Jacqueline and our Pastoral Care Team have reached out to Unitarian Universalist Congregations in Santa Rosa and Napa. We have offered our condolences, compassion and our support.

As the smoke literally clears it will become more evident what needs to be attended to.

Michelle Ma from our Pastoral Care Team has agreed to be the point person for this ongoing out reach/building beloved commuitiy.

Those of you who would like to be a partner on this SIZZLE outreach team alongside our Pastoral Care Team please be in contact with Michelle Ma Please provide her with your name, contact information and what kind of assistance you could offer (money, temporary housing, transportation, emergency supplies, volunteer in shelter).

Muslim poet Rumi states, “You and I have to live as if YOU and I NEVER heard of a YOU, and an I”

Now is the time to practice we.

Take good care of your soul for we all are needed in the struggle.

In solidarity,
Pastor Jacqueline