Join the Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM)!

The Board is looking for two new members of the church’s Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM), to begin serving 3-year terms in April. We’re looking for people with a big-picture perspective, great personal integrity, caring, honesty and a devotion to the church’s mission and vision. Can you recommend people you’d like to see on this committee – or would you step forward yourself? The Board will make the appointments at its March meeting.

This is in many ways the best church committee to join. Its main function is to monitor all the ministries of the church (lay and professional) to see how well they’re serving the mission and vision of the church. It then makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. It meets once a month and has a total of 6 members serving staggered terms. (Each year two members go off and two new ones come on.) In the coming months, the COSM plans to assess Sunday worship and the church ministers and staff.

If you’re interested yourself or wish to recommend someone else, please contact Emily Stoper for more information.